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An exciting action-adventure mobile game with RPG elements, fighting games, a crafting system and a talent tree, as well as built-in puzzles. The setting of the game tells about the Middle Ages.

The main character's name is Lachin. A young man who wants to gain strength and learn a military craft in order to take revenge on the enemies who ruined his house.

The action takes place in the ancient country of Ellir, in the city of Koktas. This world is closely connected with magic and spirits, as a result, some people have a connection of his spirit with the spirit of an animal.

This region is known for cattle breeding, crop production and hunting. But the most important feature of this region is that a special magical mineral is mined here, which gives magic and establishes a connection with spirits.
Hello there, we are Vanguard Studio, young enthusiasts developing a game based on Turkic mythology.

Our team consists of 7 people trained at OMNIUM School of Digital Arts.

After 9 months of training and 3 months of development, our team presented a demo version of the game at the project defence in front of Astana Hub Technopark and other giants of the game industry in Kazakhstan, such as PLAYRIX, G5 Games, Baykal Arts, O Games, Take Top and Uniday Games.

Our project "Lost Nomad" will immerse you in the world of magical nature, mysterious creatures and inspiring wonders. The world of an era long before the Renaissance, where gods and spirits are omnipotent, and magic overwhelms the world.

In this project, we are trying to open mythological games from a new point of view, to introduce gamers to Turkic mythology with new approaches.
  • Abylay Abilmazhinov
    Game Designer - Teamlead VANGUARD
  • Timur Bashimov
    Game Designer - SMM & Marketing Manager VANGUARD
  • Dana Adil
    2D-Artist, Concept Artist VANGUARD
  • Rasul Amantay
    Engineer, Developer VANGUARD
  • Nursultan Kassymov
    Animator VANGUARD
  • Miras Kairkenov
    3D-Artist VANGUARD
  • Dossymkhan Madi
    3D-Artist VANGUARD
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