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  1. So, there hasn't been much dialogue in game concerning these elements. Granted, a large number of people simply want to play the game their way, which is their right and should not be looked down upon. It is a game, after all, and enjoyment is the key. That said, several members have either left or begun inquiring concerning progression and raiding. In order to combat this issue, we need to A) Set schedules and B) Listing rank and file. If you are interested in the more hardcore/end-game of WoW, please report or express interest to either myself, Forseit, or others like Evilman, Kunew, or Mianos. If all four are not available when you are online, simply send a letter with your name, class, and ilevel as well as particular interests regarding what you wish to see done. We (e.g. I) will do whatever is in our (my) power to accommodate as many as possible.