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  1. Mythics & Dungeons

    Absolutely happy to help anyone run mythics and get people geared too just give me a shout !
  2. Checking in?

    Truer words never spoken.
  3. Checking in?

    Hi Welcome to our new forums... say hi let us know who you are although it may be obvious! I'm Tom aka Fleet Admiral Nacra and I am one of the two Co-Founders of Vanguard Games and serve as Co-Commander in Chief along with Fleet Admiral Nindrel. I play World of Warcraft US & EU but you'll find me in there as Pandaemic (Shammy) or Gardevoir (Warlock) and I manage the guild there. I also play Star Trek Online (taking a break right now) on PC and am involved in our four fleets there we have 2 Federation the Discovery Fleet (mostly tier 3) and 11th Fleet Spartan Vanguard (mostly T5 max fleet except colony) and theres 2 mid-range Klingon Defence Force fleets too Obscurea Chaotica and House of Spartan Vanguard. I have played with Nindrel for many years now and our hope was to create a gaming community for all the games we play and our friends do so you can have that connected experience with a number of people and whilst we don't both play all the games all the time thats really where everyone else comes in and a special thanks to our Command Staff, Officers and every one that makes it happen. Again welcome and looking forward to developing these forums - although we primarily use discord and actively encourage dialogue there we do know forums are appealing to many and serve as a good base for planning, sharing content thats not going to be immediately viewed and so on. Kind regards Tom/Nac