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    Hey peoples, how are things? I just wanted to put the word out that just about everyday after 5-6 PM EST i'm on WOW in some fashion. I am willing to group with whomever wants to group to help folks raise their iLvL or do quest for specific instances or whatever. On Horde i am Ansrahor & Wilusa and on Alliance i am Narelle (though this toon needs a bit of upgrading herself). Happy Hunting!
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    So I guess this is where we introduce ourselves.. Anyway, I go by Forseit now, but I've been known by several other names in past expacs. Roronoa, Shippu, and I think another one I can't remember, but oh well. I've been playing since 2004, though I joined at the tail end of Vanilla and went balls to the wall in TBC when a friend an I created The Greater Internet Fuckwad theory (GIFT) and became the leading raiding guild on Dark Iron when it actually had people. I left halfway through Sunwell as I needed to focus on university. I came back during Pandaria and again joined a hardcore raiding group, but we were always third to fifth on clears on the server, but we did make it form scratch with complete novices so I guess that counts for something. Currently I'm a 924 DH Ven/Havoc. I primarily tank, though DH gear makes it so you can do both pretty equally well. Right now I'm focusing a lot on trying to get flying in Legion, since I keep taking breaks, but as soon as I'm done with the Good Sumaritan I'll be doing Argus religiously as I need massive upgrades in a few spots. I have terrible luck in LFR, and just in general as well. We'll see how it goes. I look forward to working with anyone who'll have me. よおろしく おにがします。Yes, I'm bilingual.
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    once I get my PC up dated and get back in to STO.. I will give you are shot steve... HAHA!
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    I am Steve and no one here can kill my Galaxy Class starship. Many have tried, all have failed.
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    Truer words never spoken.