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    So why has no one done any linky-linky shit on here? *looks down at the "custom menu's" on the bottom? Someone needs to be disciplined. I'm looking at you Legend.
  3. So, there hasn't been much dialogue in game concerning these elements. Granted, a large number of people simply want to play the game their way, which is their right and should not be looked down upon. It is a game, after all, and enjoyment is the key. That said, several members have either left or begun inquiring concerning progression and raiding. In order to combat this issue, we need to A) Set schedules and B) Listing rank and file. If you are interested in the more hardcore/end-game of WoW, please report or express interest to either myself, Forseit, or others like Evilman, Kunew, or Mianos. If all four are not available when you are online, simply send a letter with your name, class, and ilevel as well as particular interests regarding what you wish to see done. We (e.g. I) will do whatever is in our (my) power to accommodate as many as possible.
  4. Mythics & Dungeons

    Absolutely happy to help anyone run mythics and get people geared too just give me a shout !
  5. Hey peoples, how are things? I just wanted to put the word out that just about everyday after 5-6 PM EST i'm on WOW in some fashion. I am willing to group with whomever wants to group to help folks raise their iLvL or do quest for specific instances or whatever. On Horde i am Ansrahor & Wilusa and on Alliance i am Narelle (though this toon needs a bit of upgrading herself). Happy Hunting!
  6. Checking in?

    Hey dorks. I'm Wilusa (wil-oo-sa) in Discord and Ansrahor/Wilusa on Horde and Narelle on alliance. I also plat STO (salaan and Blark Nork) and SWTOR (i have several toons).
  7. Checking in?

    just need some looking... if my math is right.. I last played STO near the end of season 9.. just as the Xindi ships were coming out.. if that helps as to when I last played
  8. Checking in?

    I was a commanding adm in my old fleet back when I was playing.. and my Tac Ody was able to hold its own vs anyone else in my fleet.. she was maxed gear, and was a powerhouse hithouse!
  9. Checking in?

    Bring it on
  10. Checking in?

    once I get my PC up dated and get back in to STO.. I will give you are shot steve... HAHA!
  11. Checking in?

    I am Steve and no one here can kill my Galaxy Class starship. Many have tried, all have failed.
  12. Checking in?

    Truer words never spoken.
  13. Checking in?

    Ascheriit here, Im on wow. I play mostly healers, and im better at it them Tom. >.>
  14. Checking in?

    My name is..... Aaaaaarmando Alehandrrrooooooo Estrrrrraaaaadaaaaaaaaa
  15. Checking in?

    Greetings everyone, I'm Rick and I mainly play STO. I have 1 character in the 11th Fleet Spartan Vanguard (Vorik) and numerous characters in Discovery Fleet. I have begun playing World Of Warships, but not very far into that one yet, only on level 6 i think. Also I suck at it at the moment I look forward to joining you all in games. All the best, RIck
  16. Checking in?

    Greetings, Im RLGates.. or Gates for short. Im a old friends of Legends (Nindrel) and a few others from the long ago days of the old Vanguard (11th). Mostly I just play WoWS. been in it since beta.. so I know a few things about it... been in 3500 battles so far..!/pvp/overview/ so.. if you need tips or help.. ask away!
  17. Checking in?

    My name is Fleet Admiral Nindrel & I'm a Sexaholic... I need it all the time, in public, private, family reunions or nursing homes. Thanks for listening... -From the Bottom of the Barrel... -The Living Legend...
  18. Checking in?

    Hola! I'm Sergio and I'm a gypsy At the moment I'm only playing WoW (US Servers) my main charracters are Ebolito and Pintxo. I suck at every game I play, but if any of you need help or just want to go on adventures and get lots of aggro...I'm your man! xDDD
  19. Checking in?

    Hi Welcome to our new forums... say hi let us know who you are although it may be obvious! I'm Tom aka Fleet Admiral Nacra and I am one of the two Co-Founders of Vanguard Games and serve as Co-Commander in Chief along with Fleet Admiral Nindrel. I play World of Warcraft US & EU but you'll find me in there as Pandaemic (Shammy) or Gardevoir (Warlock) and I manage the guild there. I also play Star Trek Online (taking a break right now) on PC and am involved in our four fleets there we have 2 Federation the Discovery Fleet (mostly tier 3) and 11th Fleet Spartan Vanguard (mostly T5 max fleet except colony) and theres 2 mid-range Klingon Defence Force fleets too Obscurea Chaotica and House of Spartan Vanguard. I have played with Nindrel for many years now and our hope was to create a gaming community for all the games we play and our friends do so you can have that connected experience with a number of people and whilst we don't both play all the games all the time thats really where everyone else comes in and a special thanks to our Command Staff, Officers and every one that makes it happen. Again welcome and looking forward to developing these forums - although we primarily use discord and actively encourage dialogue there we do know forums are appealing to many and serve as a good base for planning, sharing content thats not going to be immediately viewed and so on. Kind regards Tom/Nac
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